Congo Connect & 'I Dream of Congo'

2013 / art direction & exhibition design 

I Dream of Congo: Narratives from The Great Lakes is a unique exhibition combining words and images from renowned international creatives alongside a groundbreaking exhibition of photos taken by women in eastern Congo, produced by Congo Connect. The exhibition celebrates the enduring hope and optimism in the region despite years of war, whilst posing hard questions around the international community’s inaction in the face of the conflict, the continuing illicit trade in minerals from Congo and the failure to stem the tide of sexual violence.

During the February 2013 exhibition launch, The Frontline Club, Women for Women International, One Billion Rising and Save the Congo held events in the exhibition space that related to the theme. The exhibition was first shown at Conway Hall, London, before moving on to other venues in the UK, including a conference on DRC at St Andrews University in April 2013. 

The exhibition was displayed at the 2015 Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London's Excel Centre, spearheaded by William Hague and Angelina Jolie. At this Summit Congo Connect hosted an exclusive event and film screening with Dr Denis Mukwege. 

‘To depict calm after atrocity could suggest ignorance, or political whitewashing, but this is an example of the exhibition's strength in it's truthful connection to the people of the eastern DRC, constantly reminding the viewer of what has happened and what could be; making it much more than photoreportage.’
Renee Farrar, The Lancet