• Note video opens loudly with scenes of conflict


Women for Women International | Organisation film 2015

2015 / director-producer / script writer / camera

Together We Can Move Mountains was a short film produced for the #SheInspiresMe Art gala, Women for Women International's (WfWI) flagship fundraising event in 2015. The purpose was to engage guests with the organisations work and the women it works with, to demonstrate the urgent need for programmes, and to inspire guests to donate.  The gala was one of the organisation's most successful events to date, raising over £820,000. Almost £65,000 was raised via a live pledge on the night, which followed the screening of the film.

The film continues to be used to introduce new supporters, sponsors and partners to WfWI’s work, and at a variety of fundraising and awareness-raising events to tell women’s stories and inspire people to take action.

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