Land rights for women in DRC | Workshop

2014 / producer / workshop facilitator / editor

In 2014, as part of a DFID-funded research project, Women for Women International (WfWI) held a participatory filmmaking project with a group of women farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (DRC). Twenty four women attended a one week workshop where they were trained in basic video skills and asked to share their experience of accessing land and the challenges they face. 

The films continue to be used widely by WfWI for advocacy purposes and as resources to highlight the importance of women’s voices and participation both in the UK and in DRC. In DRC the films are screened to classes of women embarking on WfWI's 12-month programme. Staff have fed back that they are a powerful way of  inspiring isolated women across the region. The films are also used as part of the WfWI Men’s Engagement Programme, which trains male leaders and community members on gender equality and women’s participation. 

"These films set an important precedent for us as an organisation and fed into our thinking about what it means to genuinely amplify the voices of the women we work with – both at the local and national level, and on the global stage." Izzy Clark, WfWI

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