'Millie has worked with Women for Women International for the last 5 years, and has been involved in the creation and delivery of many diverse projects – from multiple organisational fundraising films, a powerful film about women in Iraq to a DfID funded participatory project in DRC, training WfWI participants in using video cameras to record women’s views on land rights. Millie’s creativity, vision and passion shine through every aspect of her work – she focuses on purposeful and creative storytelling with a unique approach that ensures the film’s subjects play an active role in their own representation. Millie is dedicated to achieving the highest standard in all that she does and she is a pleasure to work with.'

Brita Fernandez Schmidt
Executive Director
Women for Women International UK

'I have been privileged to work with Millie Harvey on several projects this year, and her constant and outstanding gift is an ability to bring creativity, enthusiasm and a positive response to what is always a challenging environment where these qualities are often lacking.

'Millie has dedicated herself to social advocacy and empowering vulnerable people through documentary film. All too often this work is done with a long face and in a plaintive tone that unsurprisingly - and rightly - tends to turn off the very audience at which it aims. Millie’s approach is the opposite. She faces challenges as opportunities for creative solutions which succeed magnificently; she invites her subjects to participate in the work in a way which encourages and reassures them, and enables their own creativity also to come into play. And she always gives her all, and more, with a perfectionism that asks everything of herself, without ever reproaching anybody else who may fall short.

'Needless to say, implicit in all of this is total respect for her subjects and their needs and requests of any kind. I would regard anybody who works with Millie as very fortunate indeed'

Sheila Hayman
Freedom from Torture

Millie is an insightful visual storyteller, bringing an artful authenticity to the narratives she depicts. We've worked together on many projects over the years and I regularly recommend Millie's skills as documentary filmmaker to fellow professionals – I've always found our collaborative process to be inspiring and creatively rewarding.

Tim Harrison
Sound designer, composer, author