'We had nowhere else' | Shelter

A new mother and baby are living in unsuitable temporary accommodation, posing an urgent risk to their health and security.

'I was terrified, I thought we can't go back to the hospital but we have nowhere else to go.'

Natasha's Story
, was made to accompany Shelter's research Still Living in Limbo: Why the use of temporary accommodation must end. The film was screened at the report's launch at UK Parliament, House of Commons, in March 2023.

Over the last decade, the number of social rented homes in England has fallen by more than 100,000. Into this void has emerged ‘temporary accommodation’. Temporary accommodation was never intended to exist outside of emergencies. But it’s now accommodating almost 100,000 households, including over 125,000 children. (Shelter, 2023)

Film made by Millie Harvey
Additional camera by Dan Stockmann
Produced in-house for Shelter, 2023