Shelter | Overview

Since 2019, Millie has served as Video Lead and Photographer for Shelter, UK housing and homelessness charity. In this capacity, she has been responsible for content creation and managing the charity's in-house video team.

Millie has implemented production management and creative processes, ensuring the smooth delivery of a diverse range of projects, from drumbeat social media content to flagship brand films. She has played an instrumental role in shaping Shelter's video and photography brand style, including the development of standards and guides within Shelter's Digital Framework and the creation of an online resource hub aimed at assisting colleagues in commissioning and self-producing video and photography that aligns with Shelter's brand and quality standards.

Filmmaking often involves collaborating with families and individuals facing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation, documenting dangerous and precarious living conditions and highlighting ways instability and limbo affects peoples lives. With experience in documentary and participatory filmmaking Millie designs a shoot around a contributor’s needs and circumstances, enabling them to share their stories and perspectives freely and with confidence.